Barton Save Solar Community Foru,

The Abbott Government has an agenda to axe the Renewable Energy Target Review and decimate the solar industry.

The Australian Solar Council is running a marginal seats campaign to Save Solar and Save the Renewable Energy Target.

The third Save Solar Community Forum is coming up in the electorate of Barton, Sydney, on Wed. Sept 17th at 6pm. Come along to send a clear message to the Abbott Government – Hands off the RET!

“What we’ve found is today we have the most radical anti-renewables prime minister in Australian history, completely out of touch with the people of Australia on this issue, wanting to make it harder for people to cut their power bills by installing solar. And this is just not what the people thought they were voting for, and certainly not what they want.”

John Grimes, CEO Australian Solar Council


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John Grimes on Radio National


Responses from the major political parties
The Liberals
(No comment has been received)
The Renewable Energy Target will allow even more Australians to access low cost clean energy in the future. Labor policies have been a clear success and we continue to fully support the RET.
The Greens
The Australian Greens are committed to support The Solar Council in its campaign to Save Solar in the West Australian senate by-election on 5 April. Not only do the Greens commit to retaining the RET in its current form but we want to see it expanded so that Australia can reach 100% clean energy generation as soon as possible.
Palmer United Party
“…I believe the RET scheme should remain as is. It worries me when the Government says everything is on the table in reviewing the RET. In 2015/16 household solar will save Australians more than it costs.” Dio Wang, Senate Candidate

Click on the images below to see our info-graphics on household solar and the RET.

Save Solar Campaign - WA Senate Election

We made solar and the Renewable Energy Target one of the key election issues in the March WA Senate Election. Visit our WA campaign page to find out more.


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