Australia’s renewable energy future is under attack. Please support our efforts to keep solar as a viable option for all Australians!

We have been campaigning strongly to Save Solar and Save the Renewable Energy Target since the beginning of 2014. Help us to ramp up the pressure at this critical time.

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The WA Barnett Government set out to make drastic cuts to feed-in tariffs that would severely disadvantage solar consumers – we said NO and WE WON!

The NSW Government set out to introduce legislation that would retrospectively undo tariffs – the basis of which homeowners had made their solar investment – we said NO and WE WON!

The Federal Government RET Review: In 2012 and again in 2013 we mobilised in support of the Renewable Energy Target when the fossil fuel lobby was working hard to dismantle or undermine it – we said NO and WE WON!

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